What is Politzilla?

Thank you for visiting Politzilla.com and being interested in our product.

We prefer full transparency about our creation story and mission to prevent every new visitor from thinking we are something else. The honesty of a service provider is the key to mutual understanding and a positive user experience.

This resource aims to help every political science student who is going through writer’s block or is stuck on a complicated assignment. We believe that an extensive database of paper samples is a better solution than asking a friend for academic help.

For this purpose, we ensure:

Outstanding quality
All the texts on Politzilla have been thoroughly checked for grammar, spelling, logic, syntaxis, and any other possible mistakes. We never publish low-quality papers.
Unquestionable authenticity
All our texts have been written by students like you. We check all the donated papers for plagiarism and never publish those failing to fulfill this requirement.
We did our best to make this database as searchable as possible. All the political science texts contain detailed information about the contents. Try our citation tool to insert a reference.
Free access 24/7
We do not charge any payments for using our database. There is no subscription fee or hidden costs to access a “full version.” You are totally welcome here.
Endless inspiration
Millions of students have walked in your shoes on the way to understanding politics, history, and sociology. Build on their experience and draw inspiration from their thoughts.

Our Story

Several years ago, there was a dedicated student of Political Science. He noticed how much space his essays and research documents occupied on the shelf. He wondered if he might ever use them again and doubted such a perspective. But he could not just throw them away. The files amounted to hundreds of work hours.

He shared his thoughts with a friend who knew how to create template-based websites. Together they built a simple but helpful resource that has grown and expanded since then. It moved to its domain and now helps millions of students in Political Science and allied subjects.