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Did you know that the political landscape in France is one of the most competitive ones in the whole world? Every five years, the whole country engages in a nationwide debate to decide who will lead France during the upcoming term. French people are quite involved in domestic politics, making the race more interesting and intense. In fact, the impact of this campaign’s culmination will transcend national borders. Following a series of unpredictable outcomes, French elections will have an effect on the entire Western community. France is a country that does not need introduction, as its culture and history have shaped the image of the world as we know it. Until today, its politics have retained their importance in a global sense.


To start our discussion, I would like to talk about the unparalleled competitiveness of French politics. In most cases, the leaders of the race engage in a very close contest, attempting to win over the majority opinion. The country’s legislation supports its active political life. Currently, French presidents are elected every five years, whereas previously, the term was seven years. This is made deliberately to spark political competition. The current leader, Emmanuel Macron, is on the verge of completing his first term. Thus, the key intrigue is whether he will be able to retain his position against the rising right-wing movement. Unlike the United States, French elections are rarely limited to two main candidates. Instead multiple parties can present their diverse representatives toward an unpredictable outcome.

At this point, any person outside of France could pose a reasonable question of why should one care about the outcome. The fact is that France is a major partner of all Western civilizations and important player in the global arena. As one of the leading economies of Europe, France remains the founder and the locomotive of the European Union. However, its importance extends beyond Europe, as France is a vital partner for its friends overseas. With dozens of billions of trade turnover, France is one of the leading partners for the U.S. It does not only include the economy, as France is an important ally for the NATO. Therefore, the way this presidential race ends will inevitable affect current affairs globally.

Of course, this status of France and its importance did not just appear spontaneously. Since the dawn of modern civilization, France has been in the vanguard of development and global affairs. It has a long history that is inseparable from the history of Europe. Since the Roman conquest to the Cold War, France has played leading roles in most events. It is also home for many famous figures of the past and the present, including Louis XIV, Napoleon, and Charles de Gaulle. French culture, music, arts, and films are known across the globe, while its cuisine and architecture attract millions of visitors annually.


In conclusion, the upcoming presidential elections in France will prove to be a most interesting political competition. The race for the office has begun, and the situation will soon develop with its signature debates and unpredictable turns. This event is by no means local, as it will affect the entirety of the world. France is a vital partner for the United States, European Union, and NATO. It participates in most global affairs, making it particularly interesting to see how the situation will develop during the next term. Thank you for your attention and have a pleasant day!


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