Our Users’ Most Frequent Questions

This page features the most significant concerns of our visitors.

Please make sure you have checked the information below for any questions before writing a direct inquiry to our email.

1. How does Politzilla collect its essay examples?

Most of the papers you find on Politzilla.com have been voluntarily donated by our visitors. There is a special form to share an essay, and the entire process will take up to 5 minutes. In addition, our team regularly addresses the best students of high schools and universities. We suggest they share their writings with their peers online.

2. Are you free, or will there be hidden payments after the trial period?

We are an educational resource and seek no profit from our visitors. Our vocation is to inspire students who are stuck with their writing and cannot move forward. We do not give a ready-made solution but urge you to research information and learn new facts. For this reason, all the materials on our website are free but only for your reference. No copying is allowed.

3. How can I use your database?

We do not tolerate any infringement of intellectual property rights or any other kind of academic dishonesty. All the texts you may find on Politzilla are only for research purposes. Our advice is to browse the database by entering keywords and look through how other students approached the same issue. Then you could explore the texts specified in the list of references (most of our papers contain this section). You can use all this information to generate YOUR OWN unique essay or research paper.

4. I have a topic that is not featured on your database. Do you take orders?

We are proud of the number of papers we have uploaded to our database. Even if you fail to find the exact topic you need, you will surely come across many texts with similar content. We encourage you to draw inspiration from those. By the way, our files are frequently updated. Come again in a week and try the same keyword again. Probably, you will find what you need. And no, unfortunately, we do not take orders.

5. I’d like to have my essay on your database. How can I do that?

You can donate your essay via the Share Your Paper page form. You will find out how to do so on the respective page. But we should warn you that we cannot accept all the papers donated by our users due to our high-quality standards and zero-plagiarism requirement. All the files undergo a multi-stage verification procedure.