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If you need a paragraph rewriter to quickly change an academic writing piece, try this tool! It will paraphrase a sentence, paragraph, or even an article in seconds.

👍 4 Advantages of this Paragraph Rewriter

Here are the key benefits of this free paragraph rewriter for students.

🥰 Intuitive Try the user-friendly interface.
🤖 AI-powered Enjoy the smart paraphrasing.
🌐 Online Don’t waste space on your device on unnecessary apps.
💵 Free Don’t pay anything or use limited trials.

✍️ How to Use This Paragraph Rewriter?

If you are reading these words, you’ve repeatedly tried to rewrite your paragraph to avoid plagiarism. But it was to no avail. It persists in looking relatively the same. Paragraph Rewriter is a free paraphrasing tool that will open the gate to fresh ideas for your academic writing. So how to rewrite my paragraph?

  • Copy and paste your text into the field on the left.
  • Check if the available word count is enough. We are sure it is!
  • Select how many words you want changed: 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100%. We recommend trying different variants and choosing from them.
  • Press "Rewrite”.

🤔 Why Do I Need to Rewrite My Paragraph?

Why do you need paraphrasing skills? Below is a list of things rewriting can do.

Organize your thinking A lack of knowledge creates chaos. Remember your literature classes. Then, every component of a work of fiction fell into place once the professor explained its structure.
Rewriting teaches you to understand what makes up a good text and organizes your ideas.
Build your communication skills In fact, any writing develops them. But rewriting trains your trouble-shooting eye for weak places and inappropriate expressions. Thus, your speech grows better with each new reworded article.
Develop stronger arguments This tip works not only for argumentative essays, but it is the most applicable there. Rewrite your paragraph when you feel that it does not entirely transmit your idea. You can even write another passage without looking at your first attempt. Then, choose the better result.
Grow your confidence Expressing your words more effectively brings you a sense of accomplishment. It is valid for writing and speaking equally. Besides, rewriting the same thing in your own way gives a feeling of freedom in expressing your thoughts.
Improve your memory Do you know why teachers encourage their students to take notes during classes even though most of the information can be found in the textbook? The practice increases the amount and quality of information your memory retains.
Rewriting does the same. The only difference is how you perceive the source.

🆚 Paraphrasing vs. Rewriting

Paraphrasing is restating something that has already been mentioned in a text. The idea is to clarify what has been stated while preserving the same idea. It is widely used in essays and public speeches to reiterate and summarize the main points. Its principal feature is that paraphrasing allows for condensing the original.

Rewriting deletes the previously written content and writes it again in different words. It retains the intended meaning of the statement without any changes or additions. Unlike paraphrasing, rewriting aims to preserve the paper’s structure and volume. But there are more differences:

Paraphrasing Rewriting
A summary or generalization. A retelling.
Tends to be shorter than the original. Tends to be as long as the original.
Transforms the text to make it more readable. Does not necessarily facilitate the reading.
Drops the content that is not critical. Transmits all the information.
Showcases the essentials.
Example: Reworded ideas from the main body in the concluding paragraph. Example: Reworded thesis statement in the concluding paragraph.

🖋️ How to Rewrite an Academic Piece

  1. Read the source until you get its entire meaning. Be true to yourself, as only the correct understanding leads you to a successful rewriting.
  2. Close the original text and write the central ideas you remember on cards. This step will help you to make the rewriting authentic, i.e., expressed in your own language.
  3. Use the blank space to make notes whenever you have an idea of using any of the above in the final text.
  4. Write keywords to indicate the subject at the top of each note card.
  5. Check the original to see if you’ve rendered all the required information.
  6. Highlight the wording too similar to the source text to edit during the final writing or put them in quotation marks.
  7. Note the page of each borrowed phrase to facilitate the referencing.

👀 Paragraph Rewriting Example

Below you will find a rewritten paragraph from Why Nations Fail (2012) by Daron Acemoğlu & James Robinson. This famous research focuses on the effect of political institutions on economic growth. The passage is taken from page 17 of the book.

Original passage Rewritten passage
While the residents of Nogales, Sonora, live in a relatively prosperous part of Mexico, the income of the average household there is about one-third that in Nogales, Arizona. Most adults in Nogales, Sonora, do not have a high school degree, and many teenagers are not in school. Mothers have to worry about high rates of infant mortality. Poor public health conditions mean it’s no surprise that the residents of Nogales, Sonora, do not live as long as their northern neighbors. They also don’t have access to many public amenities. Roads are in bad condition south of the fence. Law and order is in worse condition. Crime is high, and opening a business is a risky activity. Not only do you risk robbery, but getting all the permissions and greasing all the palms just to open is no easy endeavor. Residents of Nogales, Sonora, live with politicians’ corruption and ineptitude every day. The earnings of a household in Nogales, Sonora, are equal to one-third of the same in Nogales, Arizona. Most adults in the former have no high school degree. Many teenagers don’t go to school at all. Infant mortality is high, and the life expectancy of the Nogales, Sonora, residents is low compared to their “northern neighbors.” Public amenities are hardly accessible. Roads, crime rates, and business environment are also worse in the south. In particular, any new enterprise risks becoming a robbery victim, let alone the need to bribe the officials. Thus, the residents of Nogales, Sonora, live in a corrupt world.

The rewording is good because:

  1. It covers all the information from the source.
  2. While it has transformed the structure of many sentences, the information order is preserved.
  3. Most of the words are replaced with synonyms.
  4. The language is more reader-friendly and looks like the writer used their own vocabulary.

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❓ Paragraph Rewriter FAQ

❓ What Is Rewriting?

Rewriting means writing something that has already been said to improve its form, correct its mistakes, or avoid plagiarism. Note that the changes will be more thorough in the latter case. Meanwhile, the former two make only ad hoc modifications.

❓ How to Rewrite a Sentence?

It is often harder to reword a sentence than a larger chunk of information. It requires you to make as many changes as possible while keeping the original message. Thus, change the word order, swap most words with synonyms, and use different grammar structures.

❓ How to Rewrite an Essay?

The answer depends on the desired depth of transformation. Use an online paraphrase generator if you need to keep the original structure without changing the meaning. And if you need a totally different text, it is better to reword it by hand. Still, you can combine both approaches. Don’t forget to use grammar check to bring the final stroke.

❓ How to Rewrite a Paragraph Without Plagiarism?

  • Take your time to read the text carefully. Focus on what the author wanted to say rather than how they expressed their intentions. Then put away the source and reproduce the original message.
  • Use artificial intelligence. Paragraph Rewriter is the best tool for academic purposes.

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