Political Idea Shaping by Public Administration

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The process of public administration as the implementation of state policies is affected significantly by political ideas that are dominant in the target setting. Moreover, the outlined effect is reciprocal, with policies shaping the manner in which various public administration issues are approached. While currently important political ideas define the scope and focus of public administration practices, the latter affect policies by informing the further changes to be made in specific areas.

Currently, prominent political ideas have a direct impact on the design of policies and their further implementation through public administration. For example, the enhancement of democratic and liberal thinking shapes how organizations treat members of marginalized communities (Peters et al., 2022). Admittedly, the relationships between political ideas and public administration are not necessarily positive. For instance, in the context of highly bureaucratic environments, the promotion of bureaucratic imperialism will inhibit the core processes, causing the performance rates to drop. In turn, issues in public administration, such as goal displacement and the further failure to satisfy the needs of the stakeholders involved, define the development of political ideas geared toward inclusivity and diversity (Peters et al., 2022). Therefore, the connection between political ideas and public administration thereof is reciprocal and continuous, representing a cycle in which opportunities for improvement and effective management of emergent issues and inequalities become possible.

Presently significant political ideas determine what demographics policies center on and how they are structured, whereas the public administration of the policies demonstrates issues in the design of political ideas and, thus, shapes them accordingly. Thus, the process of mutual and continuous, allowing for a natural change within the target sociopolitical environment. By promoting political diversity within a community, one can ensure that the newly developed policies meet the needs of all community members.


Peters, B. G., Pierre, J., Sørensen, E., & Torfing, J. (2022). Bringing political science back into public administration research. Governance, 1, pp. 1-22.

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