Technological Tools and Innovations in Law Enforcement

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Chosen for the analysis classification is related to patrol innovations and technologies. Two technologies can describe major improvements related to this sphere. The first one is drone implementation which significantly alleviates the work of police officers by monitoring the more extended territory for less time spent (Fritsvold, n.d.). Another technology is related to the gunshot detection system. It allows police officers to respond more quickly to various incidents evolving gun-shooting (Lawrence, 2018). This system gives the patrolling units a greater chance of arriving on time. Moreover, it allows for better tracking of potentially dangerous suspects. These innovations significantly improve the quality of patrolling, enabling the officers to react more rapidly to incidents. The general crime rate can be considerably decreased thanks to these technologies helping to prevent and minimize the occurrence and consequences of crimes.

The specific tool which can be identified within the patrol classification is the face recognition system installed in the police officers’ cars. The implementation of such a system requires significant changes from the perspective of the patrol unit’s equipment (Schuppe, 2018). As a result, this technology requires considerable budget allocations. The technology requires the installation of special plates into the cars, which are focused on face recognition (Staff, 2018). This technology allows for establishing a better system of responding. The face recognition system supports three of the mentioned police goals – it reduces victimization, guarantees safety in public spaces, and appropriately uses forces and authority. The tool supports these aims by improving the quality of petrol and decreasing the response time for the particular incident, evolving suspect tracking. The victimization decreases through public awareness of this technology implementation.


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