The Federal Government Role in Quality Healthcare

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The U.S. Constitution is the document that secures the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Regulation and competent policies are necessary for a quality healthcare system. In drafting the section, the House of Congress was expected to be the most potent regulation instrument (Krutz 59). In this case, Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution empowers the federal government to make such healthcare amendments. The article enumerates Congress’s powers, such as its ability to pass legislation properly and necessary to fulfill its charge. The authority of Congress to enact healthcare laws emanates from the enumerated powers of the article and section of the Constitution (Roubein and Beard). Such congress powers facilitate funding healthcare programs as provided in the healthcare act of the Constitution.

The federal government is pivotal to the public health system and policy of the United States. Some of its significant roles or functions include providing resources and technical assistance about health care and passing laws and regulations. Additionally, the federal government supports health and biomedical research to enhance healthcare (Roubein and Beard). The government surveys the health needs and status of the population and they can be enhanced. In this case, the government promotes the nation’s health policies through delegated powers provided in the Constitution.

Congress has now turned its energies to restoring mental health policy. It has been noted that children are becoming a significant group for psychological support (Roubein and Beard). Congress has also turned its energies to restoring psychological stability in educational institutions and is trying to regulate the distribution of resources in this area. Support from the government will likely make the public feel secure about its children. Given the high prevalence of psychological illnesses, Congressional approval is more than necessary.

In the US healthcare system, Congress has the cardinal duty to jump-start any actions in the healthcare system. Therefore, such legislators play a vital role in advancing new healthcare policies, even in specific situations where the White House may be silent on the issue. When crafting legislation, it is Congress’ responsibility to establish an effective healthcare system. It should not only be affordable, but it should offer quality health care regardless of the region (Roubein and Beard). Congress also ensures that all medical providers as critical stakeholders participate in the healthcare plan to provide the best public health services.

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