Consequences of Extreme Partisanship and Potential Solutions

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In this paper, the opinions proposed by Jason Altmire on the problems caused in American society by such a phenomenon as political partisanship will be considered and their potential solutions will be proposed.

Point 1: The first consequence is the transition from uncontrolled polycentricity in the form of a simple conglomerate of states to the formation of two world systems: socialist and capitalist. The result of this was a bipolar world order, which was accompanied by an acute economic competition between the two systems, the cold war, an arms race and an acute ideological struggle (Altmire 44). This is a line of massive unwinding of unipolarity, in essence, dominance and hegemony, which makes international relations tense.

Point 2: The next negative consequence of extreme partisanship is hybrid warfare. This is the designation of the current trend of changing the means and methods of confrontation between states, expanding the range of ways to achieve aggressive goals. Hybrid warfare as a consequence of extreme partisanship is a concrete expression of this trend associated with the use of means designed to justify real aggression in the eyes of the world community (Altmire 65). The existing set of definitions of hybrid warfare is due to its consideration from the positions of different sciences: history, military science, computer science, social psychology, political science, etc. In terms of political science, hybrid warfare as a consequence of extreme partisanship is mainly a way of influencing the society of the target country of aggression in order to undermine the foundations of the statehood of this country.

Possible Solutions: It is possible to successfully resist the consequences of extreme partisanship by creating a broad front of anti-hegemonic forces, forming a pole of power based on the principles of justice and legality in the field of international relations (Altmire 184). In addition, issues of ensuring the free development of all countries and the interests of achieving equal and indivisible security should be chosen as the main policy subjects as a solution.

Work Cited

Altmire, Jason. Dead Center: How Political Polarization Divided America and What We Can Do About It. Sunbury Press, 2017.

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