The Democratic System of Government

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Freedom and equality are the cornerstones of democracy and democratic governments. The democratic system is the best form of government that strives to elicit a strong obligation from citizens since, within such a system, people must be driven by strong-decision making. While in other forms of government, such as socialism, a minority of people choose for others, democracy claims that most decisions must be made with concern for each citizen’s opinion (Butler, 2020). Citizens are the ones who choose the head of the government or state, they encourage equality and justice. In this sense, people have a sense of obligation, they become aware that they are responsible for what will happen within their nation. Without democracy that elicits the involvement of citizens, freedom, equality, and justice will be impossible, which is why this is the best political system to elicit significant obligation from communities.


Butler, E. (2020). An introduction to democracy. London Publishing Partnership.

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