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The army has an important role in the integrated operation at the level of other state bodies, departments, and agencies. The President of the United States has the right to establish guidelines for the integration between military forces and civilians and to disseminate decisions and monitor execution through the NSC (the United States, 2000). As one of the most organized, mobile, and powerful forces, with the largest arsenal of technical and human resources, the army can provide more support when needed.

The army in the United States is an organized association of armed people created and maintained by the state for the purpose of waging an offensive or defensive war, as well as for the implementation of political goals within the state. The army has always played a big role in the United States. Due to its efforts, the country, over the centuries, managed not only to repel dangerous enemy invasions but also to maintain peace and social security (Mann, 2018). The management of the army is performed through the right strategy. The successful applications are visible in the joint campaign in the struggle for control of the Solomon Islands and the actions of Colonel Chamberlain in the battle of Gettysburg (the United States, 2000). Each of these decisions could affect the whole state.

The purpose of the army, the nature, and principles of construction and activity is the implementation of clearly defined and formalized political guidelines, decisions, and actions (Simon, 2019). It is created by the state as an instrument for realizing its will; it can be used by politics for various purposes. Currently, political conflicts in the international arena continue to gain strength with great intensity. An army is a tool for ensuring the protection of certain countries but can also be used for the purpose of seizing and subjugating its power.


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