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Pluralism is commonly used in many spheres of life, and every industry can define the unique importance of the concept. The original meaning of pluralism is the combination of diverse interests and groups of people1. The definition is famous for its active use in religion, and the military industry closely cooperates with churches to maintain the spirit of the army. The First Amendment states that the establishment of religion is always supported. Chaplains constantly provide Families with the needed support and increase the general mood of the military workers who need to take their job seriously. The ethical part of the military world is a priority for Soldiers and other army workers3. It is crucial for chaplains to use pluralism correctly to support military systems. Consequently, this paper will cover the key example of pluralism in the army context, chaplains’ responsibilities, and how these rules help Soldiers.


Endorsers may help provide information regarding chaplains’ support using a pluralistic approach. According to my endorser, it is possible to provide help to Soldiers who can perform their tasks. Moreover, those who are struggling with the conditions that do not allow them to protect Civilians during peacetime and martial law can also receive crucial support from chaplains4. By evaluating a different aspect of the problem using the pluralism theory, it becomes easier to come to a single conclusion while soldiers help civilians and their Families. Chaplains are responsible for many life aspects like career training, the guidance of the Army plans, and participating in preventing sexual assaults5. Chaplains can train Soldiers to provide unit and area support6. Moreover, they can support religious diversities to spread the importance of religion and the church7. These concepts mean that the primary responsibilities of religious leaders and their students are to provide help to the closest people and services which are helpful for Civilians.

Nevertheless, some army workers cannot perform their tasks correctly due to legal problems or personal disabilities. The endorser states that chaplains cannot perform several actions, and it is important to find someone who can8. There was a good example presented states that LGBT couples in some states are not allowed to marry. Unique support should be provided to make people of the same gender understand that they have many other ways to strengthen their relationships and, in some cases, make their relationships stronger and more legal.

Soldiers might be an intermediate part of the communication between chaplains and Civilians in several situations. Consequently, the role of these mentors is significant for those who are looking for help in different spheres of life. Military forces follow all duties and know how to apply specific penalties correctly9. One of the main responsibilities of chaplains is to provide individuals with supportive psycho-spiritual assistance through the forces which inspire confidence. Consequently, the military industry plays an important role in connecting families and their spiritual supporters.


In conclusion, pluralism should stay crucial in diverse spheres as it might help to come to reasonable conclusions quicker, avoiding conflicts. Chaplains play a significant part in achieving pluralistic goals, which form a supportive atmosphere in social life. By providing military forces with needed training, Civilians might become more confident in their future and can always count on support. Highly educated Soldiers can always help to find solutions to different problems and meet the preference of most citizens.


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