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Over the past 40 years, the U.S. has made many mistakes in the political arena. Many events have decided people’s lives for the worse: failed negotiations, combat operations where they were not needed, participation in wars around the globe and the subsequent surrender of territories due to unforeseen circumstances. The main root of so many political failures may lie in the country’s very system of presidential elections, where people have a real opportunity to vote for only one of two candidates. We can clearly see that both candidates for president of the United States in the last election would have brought many problems to the country and to society, so why pick one of the two when there are so many individuals that would sacrifice their life to work for their country?

American Politics Over the Past 40 Years

One possible solution to this problem is to change the electoral system, where only two political parties rule. Many may have noticed that, in most cases, the parties are not fighting for the opportunity to do the best for the country but for the opportunity to get the most votes by bringing in one of the projects that will improve their political rating in the next election (Drutman, 2020). In adapting to the new system, political parties will have to negotiate with more people to achieve the same goals, which will seriously complicate the conduct of their previous policies. As representatives of many political parties, presidents will have a certain idea, which they will openly preach.


To conclude, American politics has not experienced major changes in the last 40 years, which has given a good ground for a considerable number of mistakes to sprout from the same political system. U.S. presidents invariably represent only two political parties. Changing power from a bipartisan to a multiparty system would allow the public to choose the most suitable candidates for the country to genuinely represent their interests in the presidency. But without action, this proposal remains merely a theory. This idea needs to be disseminated gradually and consistently throughout society. If a majority in society is ready, then change will be heard by the whole country, and it will express its desire to change the current political system in an open and peaceful manner.


Drutman, L. (2020). The case for multiparty democracy. New America.

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