The Green to Gold Program Benefits for an Officer

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Being in the army means service to the U.S. government and Americans. The qualified personnel undergoes intensive training that comes along with a range of benefits. The most significant benefit is earning a basic wage. Compared to other professions military officers’ basic pay increase more with the time of service. Additionally, the army enjoys other unbeatable benefits packages. The government offers them packages such as free health care, housing, subsidized food, and money for education. The Green to Gold program is one of the most outstanding benefits enjoyed by enlisted soldiers in the U.S. Although the enlisted soldiers have a lesser payment amount than officers, the Green to Gold program offers them an opportunity to economically empower themselves through education.

Green to Gold Program

The incoming enlisted members are subjected to a physical examination and the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) (Army Cadet Command, n.d.). If successful they take an oath and qualified for the Green to Gold program. The Scholarship option allows them to leave their active duties and attend college. The Active-Duty option involves the selected soldiers remaining in their active duties. The soldiers can be reassigned to their university locations and must complete their degrees in two years while retaining their pay and allowances. Meanwhile, the Non-Scholarship option allows enlisted soldiers to leave their active duties and attend college. Although the Army provides a monthly stipend of $420, the soldiers bear all expenses.

Benefits of an Officer

Although the officers have a higher education qualification than enlisted soldiers, they enjoy myriad benefits. The officers have varied contractual options with different commitment requirements. The officers do not just train in a specific job but learn how to manage and supervise others in various scenarios (Portillo et al., 2022). Consequently, they gain better job experiences in the Army. Moreover, specialty officers enjoy advanced training that makes them exceptional. The starting salary for an officer is much higher than that of an enlisted soldier. The officers substantially earn more than enlisted soldiers as they progress with their duties. Therefore, the officers enjoy better wages, advanced work experience, and many job opportunities.


The Green to Gold program offers enlisted soldiers educational opportunities through three options: Scholarship, Active-Duty, and Non-Scholarship. The options allow the soldier to pursue their desired degree courses while giving service to the Army. The officers enjoy more benefits than enlisted soldiers due to their qualifications and duties assigned. Unlike enlisted soldiers, the officers receive higher wages, better work experience, varied contractual terms, and more opportunities in the military. An enlisted soldier can become an officer by advancing their education and usefully passing through the enlisted ranks.


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