The Role of Red Tape in Bureaucracy

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People use bureaucracy to describe a large, convoluted institution with numerous departments, policies, and procedures. Decisions take a long time because of all the processes and systems that must be implemented. They were developed to ensure stability and order in the workplace. Bureaucracy is used to characterize the established procedures of governments and other major organizations (like companies) evidence. “For example, a public administration scholar might gather data to see whether the timing of tax collection during a particular season might lead to higher compliance or returns” (Krutz & Waskiewicz, 2021). It is necessary for there to be a formal structure in place to effectively administer the organization’s rules and procedures.

Red tape is excessive regulation or adherence to formal rules that impedes or prevents action or decision-making and is therefore derided as bureaucratic. Its most typical application is in government, while private companies often use it. The term red tape describes formal rules, regulations, and procedures that are difficult to follow despite not accomplishing their stated goals (Krutz & Waskiewicz, 2021). It is not surprising that most people see the term negatively. They think of slow and ineffectual government bureaucracy when they hear the word.

Red tape is not inherently wrong, but it can be exploited. Reducing bureaucracy requires prioritizing the removal of barriers while simultaneously expanding advantages. To achieve this, examine the method one uses and decide which end of the spectrum one falls on. The next step is to find a happy medium between the two extremes. The overwhelming amount of paperwork led to a decrease in productivity (Krutz & Waskiewicz, 2021). Employees become disengaged when their daily tasks are slowed down by an excess of unnecessary laws and regulations, which in turn causes them to waste time and energy.

In conclusion, contacts with bureaucracy are unpleasant for individuals on both a mental and an emotional level. The combination of multiple factors causes this stress. The cognitive ability of humans can be hindered when they are confused, frustrated, or angry, all of which are emotions that have the potential to cause individuals to make incorrect interference and attributions with their ability to differentiate between healthy rules and unhealthy red tape.


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