Toll Roads and Their Environmental Aspects

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Toll roads are essential in today’s world because they provide fast and available traffic. The tollway route is a direct way that enables people to quickly get to their destination and spend less time. Moreover, the number of accidents resulting from overcrowding of freeways may be reduced. Toll routes also reduce greenhouse gas pollution and other emissions. Most fuel is consumed by engines with slow motion and periodic acceleration (Rouhani, 2016). Therefore, steady and fast movement is less harmful to the environment than interrupted movement, when the driver constantly brakes and accelerates.

The toll highway also allows vehicles to run with fuel economy. Since charge roads are designed to reduce driving time, using a different route can add a significant number of miles and cost much more fuel. Drivers also can pay for services through monthly checks or using an electronic transponder connected to a prepaid bill. From an economic point of view, the state receives fees for toll roads, so these expenses are a mechanism to improve the condition of roads. At the same time, these taxes provide an opportunity to finance various programs, such as providing housing for the poor or providing financial assistance (Heap-Yih, et al., 2017). The main disadvantage of charging roads for drivers is only the fee for using the service. On the other hand, time and the environment may be more important to some people. Thus, the opportunity costs of taxes, taking into account time savings and gasoline, will be beneficial for users of toll highways compared to open roads.


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