The International Festivals & Events Association: Roles, Aims, and Advantages

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The International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) was founded in 1956 and is currently headquartered in Idaho, US. It represents a global industry of festivals and other events through its regional branches, such as IFEA Africa, IFEA Europe, IFEA North America, etc. (International Festivals & Events Association 2021). It also has its own ‘academia,’ aimed at training people connected with event and project management and providing space for several conferences and panel discussions on festival management and development issues.

IFEA is an example of an organization that plays a vital role in the events sector since it is one of the very few of its kind. IFEA benefits from its branch since they allow it to cover almost the whole world. The primary focus of IFEA is providing access to the resources and professional services to sponsors and beginners in the industry (IFEA Bylaws 2021). It aims to be a regulator on a global festival stage in terms of granting equal opportunities to everyone regardless of gender and background. Indeed, within their mentioned goals and established structures, IFEA can be called a global body, significantly affecting and regulating the festival industry and events organization.

The advantage of the existence of such a body stems from its declared aims – equal opportunities and a pool of resources and professional services. It is vital for the enthusiasts and young specialists from different backgrounds and cultures, where they sometimes do not have a possibility to succeed. IFEA closes this gap through its regional branches and holding conferences/seminars. However, being a global body and a regulator can be viewed by some as an interference in their local established festivals, traditional events, etc., by bringing an international and management-oriented vision.

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