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The United States immigration policies are based on numerous principles. One of these laws includes reuniting families and accepting immigrants with specific skills that are essential to the economy of the country (American Immigration Council). Additionally, the policies involve promoting and protecting diversity among individuals. The Title 42 policy refers to removal by the American administration of people who have been in a country that has recently had cases of a communicable illness (American Immigration Council). The previous government of the United States utilized this law to stop immigrants from entering the country. The reason I am in disagreement with this policy is that it is discriminatory. The Title 42 expulsion rule seems to primarily apply to African, Central American, and Latino countries while excluding developed countries. Ted Conover, in his book Coyotes, describes his movement with the immigrants and how they crossed the border. From his experience, he realized that accommodating others was the right thing to do because they have a lot to offer to the United States economy. The Title 42 policy should be abolished because it is discriminatory.

The immigration policies are important because they stop factor prices from changing. According to research, the inflow of immigrants alters the wages and capital of competing workers (Hudson and McLoughlin). In other words, industries that do not require high-level qualifications generally opt to use immigrants. The reason for this is that they provide cheap labor compared to born-natives of the country. As a result, according to Sherman et al., more immigrants are employed in casual labor compared to born-natives of the United States. Furthermore, the increasing rate of immigrants within the country heightens the benefits of complementary workers. These individuals may become immigrant lawyers, pharmaceutical reps, translators, and supervisors. Consequently, consumers take advantage of the low prices of services and goods that immigrants offer. However, the wages for competing workers reduce in the earlier stages when the economy is attempting to adjust to the situation.

The other significance of the policy is that it protects the country from contracting communicable diseases. The main goal of the Title 42 policy is that it prevents individuals from countries that have been affected by communicable diseases from entering America (Sherman et al.). During this period, countries around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the United States is forced to put in place measures that aim at controlling the spread of the disease. One of the strategies the country uses is to stop the influx of people within the country. To ensure that this occurs, the Title 42 policy was coined, and it has benefited both the nation and every individual in the country. For instance, the prevention of immigrants from entering the country has limited the spread of the coronavirus. Consequently, this makes it easy for the United States government to control the virus within the country. Additionally, America has been able to utilize its limited resources to help individuals affected by the condition within the nation’s boundaries.

For immigration reform to occur, both the people and the government must be involved. According to research, the United States government’s role is to ensure that a given policy protects the rights of its citizens (Sherman et al.). Additionally, they are responsible for investigating how a specific law affects its economic development. Nevertheless, the Title 42 expulsion does not account for the American economy and its people. There are numerous advantages that immigrants offer in the country where they seek asylums. For instance, they supplement the labor of the nation, thereby contributing to the development of the country. Therefore, the role of the government is to consider such advantages when it comes to policy reforms.

In a democratic country, the people must express their views concerning a particular law. According to research, democracy is a government system where every individual participates in the process of policymaking and leader section (Human Rights Watch). Therefore, citizens of the United States are responsible for contacting their Congress representative and offering their opinions concerning a particular immigration policy. Nevertheless, there are political implications of the Title 42 law. One of the disadvantages is that since immigrants would be allowed to enter the country freely, there would be an increase in communicable diseases, thereby making it difficult to contain the spread of the virus. Secondly, the country would strain in attempting to contain the illness since it has limited resources.

Conover’s immersive writing in his book Coyotes supports the perspectives of reforming such policies as the Title 42 law. Conover, in his statement, mentioned that “all evidence suggests that a rising tide will help us all” (Conover 19). What he meant was that immigrants such as those from Mexico and Haiti were important individuals, especially to the economy of the United States. For instance, while traveling with his Mexican friend Alonso, Conover encountered different kinds of people. From his own accounts, he described the individuals he met as those who he could imagine being his neighbors (Conover 21). The reason being was that they aspired to get jobs, make money, and help their families both in the United States and back at their original home. The Title 42 rule, however, limits this perspective by disallowing Haitians and Mexicans from entering the country on the basis of communicable diseases. Furthermore, the law does not apply to everyone since the majority of people it targets are from the Black, Latino, and Central American countries.

The constitution of America is a historical document that attributes its creation to our founding fathers and continues to serve its people. Today, the Title 42 law is one that emulates doctrines that existed in the past, such as oppressing individuals considered as foreigners. For instance, in this case, the policy is an example of a law that clearly sanctions discrimination among immigrants. Furthermore, it is the American government that gives the directives that allow military troops to harass those crossing the border. The policy emulates old doctrines that treated people differently based on where they were coming from. Additionally, the Title 42 policy specifically targets certain people while ignoring a particular group. This does not resonate with Conover’s view of accommodating everyone for the greater good.

My migration story supports reforms to be made within the immigration department concerning such laws as the Title 42 policy. In my story, most people seeking asylum in a foreign country generally want a better life. They are determined individuals whose aim is to find good jobs, which would enable them to lead a prosperous life. In my opinion, to be able to achieve these goals, one must be ready to find employment. Furthermore, the Title 42 policy seems to discriminate against individuals, and this should not be the case when implementing the new rule. It is important that when a certain administration is creating a given policy, the administration should include every person. If the law was not discriminatory, it would have sufficiently served the American people. Therefore, I believe my story limits the idea of keeping the Title 42 policy as it currently is because it puts America at a disadvantage. I that the law should be revised to include every country, including developing ones, because, at the moment, the country is losing in terms of economic development.

Discriminatory laws such as the Title 42 policy should be removed because it does not apply to every individual or country. The rule only applies to specific regions of the world, even though the current pandemic is affecting every continent. These areas mostly consist of Blacks, Central Americans, and Latinos. Immigration policies help United States citizens in maintaining their competent wages. Furthermore, it helps the nation manage its resources when it comes to controlling communicable diseases. America stands to gain economically by removing such unethical and discriminatory rules. For instance, allowing immigrants within the country ensures that the labor force is increased. Conover’s experiences support the idea of reforming such laws because they limit America from gaining economically. Immigrants are determined individuals who, similar to Americans, seek to work and provide a better life to their families. To ensure this occurs, the Title 42 policy must be Abolished or removed to ensure that the country gains from skilled and hardworking individuals.

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