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The political system is a set of legal institutions that constitute a state or a government. It can also be defined as the agreed forms of political behavior in states’ legal organization and also the reality of the way the state functions. Having a particular political system in a country is of great significance as it provides equal opportunities for all citizens hence influencing decision-making amongst the individuals. Globally, there are different forms of political systems practiced in different regions, including democracy, republic, communism, monarchy, and dictatorship. The different political systems can be characterized by interactions, comprehensiveness, the interdependence of parts, change in boundaries, and the use of threat or legal force. Although there are different political systems in different regions, democracy is the best form of the political system for several reasons.

Democracy Political System

Democracy is a political regime formed by all the eligible citizens of a particular state, typically via electing representatives or leaders. In this form of government, people have the mandate to decide and deliberate legislation and choose the governing officials. An example of a region where there is democracy as a form of the political system is the United States of America, whereby the Americans have political equality and freedom (Rejai, 2020). Democracy exists in different types: representative democracy, direct democracy, monitory democracy, and constitutional democracy (Rejai, 2020). For direct democracy, all the citizens are allowed to take part in all political decision-making forums. In a representative democracy, people elect a representative who they trust to carry out governance on their behalf. In a constitutional form of the political system, a constitution outlines the person to represent others and how they will rule. In a monitory democracy, private and public agencies, regulatory mechanisms, and commissions monitor the government’s exercise of power.

Some of the key features of democracy that make it the best form of the political system include: the officials elected are chosen in fairly and frequent elections, whereby compulsion is comparatively rare. All citizens are entitled to the right to express themselves on political matters without the threat of severe punishment and also have the right to look for alternate sources of information. All adult citizens are entitled to vote during the election of officials, and they also have the right to vie for elective bureaus in the regime (Rejai, 2020). In a democratic practicing state, all the elected officials can exercise their powers freely without being overridden. Therefore, a democratic form of government is crucial in ruling a country as it involves every citizen participating in the political ruling. Hence, they can feel patriotic.

Philosopher’s Ideologies on Democratic Political System

Some philosophers have analyzed different ideologies regarding democracy as a type of political system, including Plato and Aristotle. Plato’s idea regarding a democratic regime abstracted in 300BC differs from the current understanding of democracy (Rejai, 2020). Plato differs from democracy as a form of the political system since he refers to it as a delightful anarchistic form of society (Rejai, 2020). According to Plato, in a democracy, people are free, there is plenty of freedom of speech, and each person is free to do what he is willing (Rejai, 2020). Therefore, they can abuse the ultimate freedom, which can lead the country into instability and chaos.

Plato’s point of view on democracy is that democracy finally leads to tyranny and anarchy. In an anarchic community, there is no law, and the leader is mostly the influential person. The leader will have their law, and they lodge it on individuals hence ends up doing what pleases them best and becomes an autocrat (Rejai, 2020). Though Plato differs from democracy political system, it is significant since it provides every citizen in a state with equal responsibilities and rights similar to the elite portion of the society.

Aristotle, the philosopher, differed from democracy and considered Constitutional government whereby people are given citizenship and governance with anyone’s interest in mind. According to Aristotle, constitutional government combines both the elements of democracy and oligarchy hence finding a conciliation between the poor and the rich’s demands (Rejai, 2020). He argues that democracy is a type of political regime where the poor masses control the government and use it to aid their ends, which involves exploitation and heavy taxation of the rich (Rejai, 2020). Arguing based on Aristotle’s point of view regarding democracy, his understanding of the running of a democratic regime is different since it lies more on one group of people than the other. Democracy regime does not involve the oppression of certain groups because it provides its citizens with equal rights, whether poor or rich, to participate in government formation.


Political systems are crucial in the governance of a nation since, through leadership, there is the establishment of rights and freedoms hence bringing about equality in the state. Though different government systems are practiced in different regions, democracy regime is the best form of governance due to its provision of equal rights amongst its citizens. In this type of government, leaders are elected through elections; hence, citizens are free to elect a leader of their choice, and any person can also be elected regardless of their societal status.


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