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International organizations play an essential role in the world community’s life, being a mechanism that helps to establish peace. The list of problems may also include economic and social issues that threaten the order of the commonwealth. Such associations are significant in an era of globalization, in which many states are linked by thousands of different ties (Harvard Law School n.d.). However, the very essence of IGO creates the possibility of a conflict between the national interests of one power and the goals of the whole region. In this case, it is necessary to find a compromise that will not infringe on individual states’ key priorities but serve the common good.

It is because of this contradiction that different concepts have different perspectives on IGOs. Liberalism supports the idea of an international community subject to a single law since, in this way, the observance of crucial individual rights can be ensured. On the other hand, many realism concepts criticize such structures since they assert international relations’ anarchy. In part, such statements are confirmed by the very history of IGOs.

For example, the United Nations’ predecessor was the League of Nations, a political and military alliance designed to deal with threats to a specific order (Britannica 2020). Although the end of World War II became one of the critical points, it was still a long time before humankind moved to international organizations’ modern concepts. This is partly due to the USSR’s presence; that is why the next key point is the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the main threat to the Western world order was destroyed, states could finally concentrate on much more critical issues.

Currently, the United States is also going through another turning point. That is why it is now essential to develop a strategy for working together with international communities such as the UN. First of all, in the current conditions, such a situation is the COVID-19 epidemic. Consequently, international organizations can provide the United States with significant support through humanitarian action and joint work on a vaccine. Secondly, IGO’s assistance can be expressed through support in the immigration issue, which has become the most urgent and acute and, possibly, requires international regulation through the resolution of conflicts around. Finally, with the help of international associations, the United States can fight the social injustices and oppression of various minorities in American society.


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