Bureaucracy as an Integral Part of the Country’s Government

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I fully support the peer’s words and agree that bureaucracy is an essential and integral part of the country’s government. Indeed, this administration system has a wide range of advantages and positive aspects. They include a clear division of labor, a competent process of subordination and control, hiring employees following the qualification requirements, a transparent structure of generally accepted standards consistent with each other, and much more (Harrison et al., 2022). Thus, implementing bureaucracy is an inevitable process, without which it is impossible to achieve order, consistency, and coordination of actions. In this case, the “right” people in managerial positions skillfully and accurately coordinate employees’ work and control multiple aspects with the prospect of future success. In turn, subordinates follow the instructions without unnecessary initiatives, aiming at executing overall favorable outcomes. Every person is part of a single organizational mechanism, and even the slightest “failure” can lead to disappointing consequences.

Without any doubt, the peer’s answer is competent, transparent, objective, and reasonable from the point of view of the need to introduce bureaucracy into the core of the whole community. Hence, in my opinion, this system is always necessary, meaningful, and required because social interaction is impossible without public administration. Accordingly, bureaucratic rules, norms, standards, and regulations can be helpful to ensure stable, accurate, fast, systematic, defined, and continuous work in all management facilities. For instance, supervisory or higher management bodies allow clients or citizens to file appeals and complaints if they are not satisfied with the work of the lower level. Moreover, numerous studies demonstrate that government employees are hardworking, educated, competent in solving problems, and motivated to execute the best outcomes (Harrison et al., 2022). Consequently, the bureaucratic management model has favorable properties, but one cannot apply it without detailed study and improvement of all its constituent elements.


Harrison, B., Harris, J., & Deardorff, M. (2022). American democracy now (7th ed.). McGraw Hill.

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