China-Africa Relationships in Relation to Leadership

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The current status of China-Africa relationships is rather promising and beneficial for both countries. While the COVID-19 outbreak has challenged traveling and living issues, China continues supporting African states, providing the necessary medical equipment, and developing new trade ways (Ryder). Frequent high-level visits of Chinese politicians are observed to enhance African independence and promote the success of the national economy in the 21st century.

In any relationship, leadership is vital because people and countries should understand their responsibilities. There are three air force leadership levels: tactical expertise, operational competence, and strategic vision (Air Force Handbook 36-2618 4). My level of leadership is based on tactical expertise, where a general understanding of team leadership is achieved. I am a military sergeant with four subordinates, and my functions are to supervise, train, and mentor my followers.

Many internal and external factors can impact the supervisor’s level of leadership, and there are several associations with the relationships between China and Africa. The Chinese government motivates and supports African citizens in various fields, including technology, medicine, and education. Africa, in its turn, offers its natural resources and complete their subordinate functions. Although Chinese and African backgrounds are never equal, respect and trust are inherent in their relationships.

The same link with China-Africa relations exists in relation to the Air Force as a whole. The countries prove that there is always a need for development, progression, and support. If a person or a country does not have enough experience, a leader should analyze a situation and offer a solution. China supports Africa, neglecting most global challenges, and Africa uses its potential to be useful for China. The same principle is critical for the Air Force to stay competent and develop a strong strategic vision.

Regarding the recent achievements in their relationships, China and Africa may be a threat to national security. The economic impact of China grows, questioning the worth of other partners in the African region. Cheap African labor forces can become unavailable, which decreases productivity and performance levels. Finally, the overall image of China in African countries has been significantly improved, diminishing the worth of national security.

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