Iran and the United States: Conflict Analysis

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The U.S.-Iran Crisis

Relations between the United States and Iran resemble confrontation, tempered by the need for balance. Since the Iranian revolution, sanctions on human rights and nuclear files have been imposed. Nevertheless, the parties’ door for negotiation and engagement remained open, which is a great indicator of democracy and morality (Policy Analysis and Evaluation, 2021). When the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program was signed, it seemed that the countries had taken a step toward détente. However, because of Donald Trump’s unconventional behavior, the conflict only continued to escalate. Withdrawal from the nuclear deal did not bring positive results for Washington and required an effort for the Biden administration. Under the slogan of returning to international agreements in parallel with the U.S. Democrats’ humanitarian stance on foreign policy, Biden’s actions have uncovered the opportunities to settle disputes.

The USA should act fast, as there is less time to deal with Tehran before it accumulates enough fuel. It is crucial to draw attention to detailed analysis and evaluation of the Trump administration’s policies to understand which measures have been ineffective and have halted the process of achieving the desired effect (Policy Analysis and Evaluation, 2021). The safest way to resolve the current crisis would be to diplomatically return to the ‘nuclear deal.’ The U.S. can apply a carrot and stick policy in the short term, as serious progress toward lifting sanctions seems unlikely. Iran’s aggressive behavior is still dangerous despite a slight thaw in relations. The states should turn to the negotiating table and form a new democratic political agreement. Involving other international subjects in the discussion process could also be a significant influencing factor.

Response 1

I agree that China-Iran relations are extremely dangerous for the USA. Exporting raw materials to the PRC has helped Iran’s economy, which is under U.S. penalties. The sanctions were supposed to pressure Tehran to resume negotiations to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear program, but that is now in doubt. The 25-year agreement on political, strategic, and economic cooperation between Iran and China may also be a major cause for concern. PRC will play an increasing role as a trade and investment partner for the region. Russia will act as a political guarantor and military ally to reduce dependence on the United States. I also believe that war should be avoided, and a treaty that includes interested parties could be a reasonable solution. The countries should sit down at the negotiating table and discuss the possibility of cooperation for the common good instead of constant tension and conflicts.

Response 2

I think that the murder of Qasem Soleimani was not a well-considered decision. The European Union stated that such actions only increased the degree of emotions around an already heated conflict and provoked global risks. Moreover, Trump issued the order without consulting Congress, and the excuses about Soleimani’s involvement in preparing the ‘inevitable’ attacks on American embassies have never been confirmed. Additionally, a feature of Trump’s Middle East policy is the use of force even when the reason for the aggression is questionable. A striking example is the missile attack on the Syrian Shayrat airbase in response to the alleged chemical weapons usage in Khan Sheikhoun. Reasonably, the president had good intentions and, in both cases, tried to protect the American people and deter further attacks. However, such actions were not justified and, on the contrary, they only led to more resistance and a sharp escalation of the dispute between nations.

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