Administrative Agencies and the Bill of Rights

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The U.S. prides itself on having the needs of its people at heart. Through the help of Congress and other governmental facilities and provisions, the government can undertake the task for the good of its citizens. Congress, however, cannot handle people’s welfare by itself and, therefore, has sought the help of agencies. Congress also relies heavily on the constitution to undertake its task effectively. Therefore, the necessity of agencies has been accepted by the Congress, although they are not mentioned in the constitution and their existence makes work easier for the Congress.

Administrative Agencies

There are various administrative agencies, such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), that collect and analyze information that indicates that the state security is compromised and acts to prevent the same from occurring (Covington, 2021). First, it has enforcement authority to undertake an action on behalf of the president, where security is concerned. Second, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees environmental policies to ensure the environment is being protected (Covington, 2021). It regulates how the manufacturing of chemicals is done and enforces fines and sanctions on bodies that do not adhere to set environmental guidelines. Lastly, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is an agency that handles elections in America by enforcing Federal election laws as well as financial campaigns.

Defendant’s Constitutional Rights

One of the constitutional provisions is the rights defendants have regardless of their status in society. Every defendant has the right to legal counsel in any court case (Covington, 2021). The Sixth Amendment states that no defendant should be sentenced without being provided legal counsel to argue on their behalf. For those who cannot afford to hire attorneys for themselves, the law requires the judge to appoint a government attorney. Moreover, every defendant has the right to silence which means that they cannot be forced to give witness against themselves.

Elements of a Contract

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not a must for a contract to be written as long as it meets the necessary elements. If one loses it, they can still prove its existence by proving an offer, acceptance, mutual assent, consideration, capacity, and legality undertaken. The U.S. government provides avenues where the needs of the country’s citizens are looked into through administrative agencies and Congress. Moreover, the Constitution takes into consideration that not all citizens may be aware of legal issues. As a result, they have provisions for such scenarios as verbal contracts and capacity issues in contracts.


Covington, B. (2021). Closing the toughy gap: The APA, the FRCP, and nonparty discovery against federal administrative agencies. Columbia Law Review, 121(2). Web.

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