Possible Cons of the Multi-Party System in the US

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The U.S. has a two-party political system; the Democrats as well as the Republicans. These are the only parties that have consistently participated in the elections. U.S. citizens are allowed to vote by their choice without anyone interfering. Political independence is practiced, and since the country has only two political ideologies, the administrative spectrum is more predictable. Thus, a multi-party system will most likely cause instability in the country.

Thus, having more political parties would change the political landscape since these parties will strive to incorporate leaders with the same political standings and ambitions. Subsequently, one or two dominant political groups would emerge, and each will be supported by other smaller parties. The pressure and tension caused by intense lobbying would eventually lead to splitting the two influential parties, the democrats and republicans. Firstly, some politicians would aim to be associated with entities that they think will best serve their interests and even assist them in winning or cling to particular positions. Secondly, some individuals would opt to leave their parties and join others once they start believing that their current party is no longer embracing or protecting their views, thus, causing the splits.

The Party landscape will change and be competitive because political pressure will increase as many new parties will be created. Most potential politicians will sell their strategies and try to impress citizens, and since the U.S. is racially divided, this may lead to more cultural politics. Public affairs in the country will heighten, and anyone willing to be on the ballot box must understand the changing lifestyle of politics in the country. Aged people and youths will try to align with those factions they think would govern them well, thus, leading to even stiffer competition in politics.

Between the two parties, Republicans are more likely to split. This is because Democrats have always performed better in reviving the economy and safeguarding people’s welfare through health care programs, among others. This has won the party a large support base which many would like to be associated with. In the end, being the most popular group, the Democratic party will gain decisive influence and eventually take win future elections. Those other more minor parties with less power and resources will have little or no impact on the political spectrum, thus, leading them to merge with the strongest faction in the parliament, the Democratic Party.

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