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The private sector greatly surpasses the ability of many governmental organizations in relationships with communities and customers. As such, this report outlines three themes that are frequently seen in relationships with clients and private firms. The selected elements are accessibility to services and products, positive self-promotion and values, and appropriate use of time and resources when responding to missteps. These three facets are integral to improving the relationship between communities and police departments.


Successful self-promotion of a firm can be said to be reached when symbolic and minor elements allow customers to be reminded of the brand. However, positive self-promotion and brand recognition require customers not only to recognize a company but their positive features. A great example of well-executed and beneficial self-promotion can be seen in the conduct of marketing done by Southwest Airlines (Phelps, 2019). The firm’s primary focus is on meeting the needs of customers as well as its employees. The firm has built a status as a reliable and fair firm that targets the needs of its clientele such as comfort, safety, low costs, and accessibility to shorter routes.

Customer loyalty includes several factors that can be centered around customer satisfaction, product quality, and continued provision of services. Current studies indicate that Walmart is one of the firms with the highest population of loyal customers (Siggins, 2021). This has been achieved through several approaches starting with Walmart having a wide catalog of products that clients are not only interested in but often treat as necessities. Similarly, several loyalty programs and discounts encourage customers to shop at Walmart more frequently than at other stores. Essentially, in appropriate areas, Walmart reflects the needs of the clients through the provision of products, the offer of additional services, and options to purchase at lower costs. This has assisted the firm with growing a large and loyal customer base.

Missteps and the rise of issues is commonplace in all industries, but company responses can greatly worsen or improve any conflicts or difficulties. Trend Micro is a firm that was victim to a flawed virus invasion that had directly immobilized the computers of clients. The EVP for Japan at Trend Micro, Akihiko Omikawa responded quickly as the flawed file was removed within an hour and a half of its discovery (Chintankar, 2022). Following this, the website and servers were updated, the customer support staff was expanded, and a press conference occurred to apologize to clients and address the issue. The speed of a response and a solution is vital for the firm’s relationship with customers. In the modern day, companies have access to many means of acquiring the opinions of their clients, such as through social media.


The primary themes identified include the prioritization of customers and the community, providing adequate access to services and products, and timely and proportionate responses to crises or issues. These elements are frequently well utilized among private companies, but rarely seen in use among police departments in a sufficient manner. The provision of communication and services for community members is important, but the response and management of missteps and issues are currently very poor among police departments. As such, it is vital to establish initiatives and programs that address appropriate ways to communicate with the community. This would require resolutions, accessibility to information and services, and adequate actions in the case of police fault.


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