Toll Roads: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Toll roads are the ones with sporadic stops where users must pay sh in order to access the roadways. Sometimes these routes are referred to as express toll routes, tollways, or turnpikes (Scott, 2015). The term “toll” refers to the cost associated with using a toll road. This essay covers the justification for toll roads despite the existence of free highways, their benefits and drawbacks for drivers, the economic effects of toll roads, and the reasons why someone would choose to pay a toll over utilizing a free route.

Toll roads are necessary because they guarantee a smooth flow of traffic and employ technologies that reduce delays. Drivers have two payment options: receiving monthly invoices in the mail or using an electronic transponder linked to a pre-paid account. Toll roads help lessen pollution from other emissions and greenhouse gas emissions that come from sitting and idling in traffic. A toll road also serves the function of enabling vehicles to move at fuel-efficient rates (Scott, 2015). Therefore, a driver chooses a toll road because it is more efficient because these roads are well-maintained and allow to drive at high speeds.

There are alternative ways to pay for highways other than tolls or motor fuel taxes. For example, a tax on vehicle miles traveled requires users who travel a lot and have cars that do not fuel efficient to pay more tax. This approach is relevant for the week’s topic because it incorporates the element of equity into the road tax. Oregon’s user-free system is another alternative, which is relevant to the topic because it also incorporates the number of miles someone traveled as opposed to a fixed tax. From an environmental perspective, toll roads are better than free roads because users may choose a more efficient way of traveling to avoid paying the toll.


Scott, T. (2015). Turnpikes and Tolls: What if all major roads were private? [YouTube].

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