The Importance of Mass Media in the Work of Administration

Topic: Public Administration
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The speech I have selected is Kennedy’s speech (1961) provided to the press. It highlighted the importance of mass media in delivering critical information and revealing the work of administration. Kennedy compared his relationship with the press to the previous president’s administration, claiming that he provided more private information. I will use his speech to examine the relationship between the press and the government. I also want to focus on Kennedy’s ideas on censorship and secrecy. Moreover, he claimed that the nation’s primary goal is to secure values and tradition, thus reminding people about the importance of security. I will apply the concept proposed by Kennedy, “clear and the present danger,” in addressing the discourse of national security. Here, the integral role of a newspaper that is publishing relevant information not undermining national security is mentioned, and I also would like to add this claim in my essay.


Kennedy, John F. ‘President and Press’ (1961) [Speech].

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