The “Win the Whitehouse”: Election Game

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The “Win the Whitehouse” game clearly resembles the American general election framework. In the game’s election, I selected issues such as gun rights, lower taxes, business innovation, prevention of election fraud, and equal access to healthcare. The reasons for selecting these issues are many and varied. However, the major ones entail the fact that Americans are struggling with the challenges of health and high taxes. Therefore by addressing these said issues, I will be simplifying the lives of many Americans by not only providing platforms for business innovations but by also creating avenues for free an0d fair elections nationwide.

The electoral map at the start of the game looks extremely customized to mimic the usual elections where politicians are left in press conferences and other avenues to air out their views and issues towards the citizens and their voters. One thing that clearly surprises me is the mode of communication applied in the game in which opponents are given adequate and equal chances to air out their views. The strategy I applied to win most of the states that I was able to accumulate a large number of votes entailed fundraising and the usage of polling. Through the alternation of these schemes, it is easier to appeal to the interest of the voters without necessarily having to use large sums of resources. One thing that should be included to better the chances is the usage of opinion polls where the voters are allowed to engage in tentative elections.

The elections results indicated a loss. However, I was able to accumulate one hundred and eighty electoral votes. Through the usage of fundraising, I was able to amass six funds which assisted imminently in the process of the campaign. The fundraising efficiency was one hundred percent indicating correct usage of tools. The results are similar to those of general elections due to the fact that the election process was similar.

The “Win the Whitehouse”: Election Game

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