Capital Punishment in the United States

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The use of the death penalty has been relevant to one degree or another throughout the history of civilization. However, I believe, one should not overestimate its importance in current conditions, typical of many politicians, legislators, and scientists today. In today’s world, the use of final punishment only keeps us from moral development.

Currently, there are three theoretical positions about the problem of this type of punishment as the death penalty. Some scientists and practitioners are entirely against using the death penalty and its immediate abolition, explaining this by the immorality and inexpediency of such a punishment. Others support the use of the death penalty, considering it not only as a legal restriction but also as the physical destruction of a criminal, which guarantees complete society safety from this person. Still, in principle, others support this measure of punishment but advocate a reduction in the use and subsequent abolition of the death penalty. All these opinions are reasonably well-grounded and choosing the correct approach to the problem of the death penalty seems to be complicated.

When discussing the death penalty, in my opinion, the first question is about morality. While some say that the death penalty is the only correct decision concerning serious crimes, others, including myself, believe that the death penalty is immoral. The main argument for such a punishment is the conviction that such an outcome for criminals will reduce crime in the country. According to Walker, the crime rate in the states where the death penalty is applied and abolished is at the same level (Walker, 2015). As it can be seen, the argument is not persuasive enough, and this is confirmed empirically.

Initially, I opposed the death penalty for my belief, but after reading Walker, I only became convinced that the death penalty is not a necessary measure. Moreover, a multi-pronged strategy, including non-criminal justice programs, effectively reduces road traffic deaths (Walker, 2015). Due to my vision of the world, the concept of morality, and conclusions after reading a chapter from Walker’s book, I am against using the death penalty, and I agree with its subsequent abolition.


Walker, N. (2015). Punishment, danger and stigma: The morality of criminal justice. Cengage Learning.

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