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History of UN

United Nations is an international organization that was assembled after the Second World War in 1945. At first, 51 countries were included in the list of the nations intended to maintain international peace and security while promoting social progress and safeguarding essential human rights (United Nations). There are no other organizations similar to the United Nations due to the exclusive powers that the latter has in terms of peacekeeping and peacemaking. There is an extended list of issues that can be addressed by the United Nations, as there are 193 countries included in the organization at the moment.

Security Council

Another crucial element of discussion is the UN Security Council that takes on the essential issues related to international security of all kinds. The veto power is only accessible to the five permanent members of the UN that have been chosen during World War II: France, China, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Soviet Union (Council on Foreign Relations). The main tasks of the Security Council are to authorize military forces, facilitate international negotiations, and maintain a peacekeeping attitude. At the moment, there is an opinion that the Security Council is obsolete and has to be reformed to respond better to contemporary issues.

Modern Day Functions

There are four essential functions that the UN fulfills in order to maintain peace worldwide. According to United Nations – UK, these functions are as follows:

  • To promote and protect international peace and ensure that collective measures are taken to defend concord;
  • To establish a friendly environment on a global scale in order for nations to strive for equal rights and take measures to maintain universal peace;
  • To focus on transnational cooperation and accomplish humanitarian functions related to how fundamental freedoms of individual people could be preserved;
  • To bring harmony to international activities and help nations find common ground during the most complex negotiations.

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