Biden Targets the Religious Freedom of Federal Contractors

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This news article explores that Biden’s labor department strives to rescind the former administration’s rule protecting the religious liberty of the federal contractors. During the Trump administration, religious freedoms belonged to all Americans as opposed to sectarian organizations. The former administration expanded religious exceptions with regards to the founding father’s understanding of the First Amendment. The Trump policy supported religious freedom by allowing federal subcontractors or contractors to maintain their identity and character. However, Biden’s labor department plans to revoke this rule by referring to the need to eliminate “discrimination” (Neumayr). The move by the department destroys harmony between equality and religious freedom. The news further describes the Founding Fathers’ First Amendment ideology to defend Americans against the threatening federal government. Whereas the move by Biden’s administration seeks to protect Americans from “discriminatory” practices of religion, it appears to overturn the Founding Fathers’ perception of protecting Americans.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, religion as well as conscience. The above-mentioned freedom includes manifesting his belief or religion in practice, teaching, observance, and worship. As enshrined in the 1788 constitution, religious freedom is a fundamental aspect of the US culture and values (Haynes 2). Therefore, interfering with religious freedom has devastating consequences such as freedom and threatening the foundation of our constitution and nation. The growing concept informs the choice of this news item of socialism and freedom that has become a daily reality. Many call out for socialism without really understanding the impact and extent of its costs, especially to the minority population. More specifically, the Biden labor administration threatens federal contractors’ religious freedom on account of discrimination elimination while denying them their right to practice their religion. This news is crucial because it highlights how the government can go to eliminate discrimination to promote social agendas. I choose this news because it can change the American political arena and religious practice from now on.

News about religious freedom is of concern, especially when brought to the attention of the mainstream media. This news is important because it sheds light on the attack on religious freedom by the government through a deceptive strategy. The government’s approach to eliminating discrimination by having federal contractors drop their religion is utterly an attack on the liberty of Americans. The use of the term eliminate religious “discrimination” can hardly go unnoticed; I was not surprised by the use of a tactic characterized with a hidden agenda to change the fundamental elements of the constitution. However, such deceptive actions are unavoidable given the pressure for social agenda by the democrats. Ultimately, such news will remain in our airwaves given the focus on freedom, religion, and social aspects, which are the very essence of humanity—the dependence of human beings on mentioned aspects roots the government’s approach to controlling the airwaves. Besides, if nothing surprised me about the news, I would remain interested because of the threat it poses to my freedom.

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