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In the Harris County district, Lizzie Fletcher D-Houston is the government representative leading the county subjects. The political party affiliation Lizzie is involved in is the Democratic party. She has occupied the position for two years, having taken over from John Culberson. Lizzie Fletcher is a female, aged forty-six, and has portrayed ambitious leadership. Also, for her marital status, she married Scott Fletcher in 2007. Moreover, Lizzie Fletcher heads American Attorney besides standing out as a thrilling politician from Texas state. Social media has stood out as one of the tools used by Fletcher in most of her communication regarding responsibilities.


She is a congresswoman and a public figure being stated in press releases. On 19th November 2021, Lizzie was involved in a press release concerning investments in Build Back Better Act (MIL-OSI USA, 2021). The press release was based on the benefit of American families and communities in investing at Houston. The main agenda was to lower the cost of health care services, child care, and family care. The investments were to be focused upon children’s education and open opportunities, including expanding health care. Fletcher values accessing feedback from constituents via social media pages. Besides having an office where she opens up to receive any information regarding her roles and duties, she is also good at using platforms such as Twitter. She mostly accesses her Twitter account, known as Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (@RepFletcher)/Twitter. She focuses on inclusion, innovation, collaboration while thriving on talks and posts on her Twitter account.

Reflection Part

In any state with political events, social media is treated as a central eye tool to the public. For instance, in the present prompt, Lizzie Fletcher is seen questioning the press concerning political views regarding her role and duties through her Twitter page—a social media. Social media needs to be neutral and independent from any political influence since the press portrays the image of society as a representative. Social media plays a vital role in networking with the government representatives to the public by examining and reviewing the political updates. Social media is used to source any emerging news updates regarding a given state’s politics or global level and display information to communities.

Accordingly, when it comes to advertising on social media, students may view it as a platform for generating growth and expanding different events. For example, new ideas and innovations are drawn easily through advertising on social media when it comes to investing. Also, learning and studying marketing niches and strategies is examined through social media platforms. Furthermore, while investing, one will be able to learn more about political policies implied upon investments that favor and which do not, and thus it’s easy to understand more about political allegations and benefits of representatives.

Facebook is another social media that people in power and politicians highly use. The platform generates both positive and negative impacts regarding political events. Some people use ads on this platform which is fed with false information regarding 1st Amendment rights while Compared to the Twitter account, it reviews more about the decision of banning political ads altogether. While comparing the two, Facebook, used by the majority, is likely to access the wrong information regarding the amendments. Through such adverts, privacy is recommended to be highly appreciated and adhered to when using social media pages in the future.

False information is used to damage the real image of politics in a state or county. Thus, in the case of Facebook and advertising, there are negative and positive impacts that can ruin the political development upon amending rights, which creates benefits. It, therefore, reach a point where advertising through social media needs to be regulated with the power issued from the political authoritarians. By advocating such advertising procedures upon any events despite being politics, investments, or mental health, the true political image is displayed from the representatives being in power.

In addition, Twitter’s recommendation upon deciding to ban political ads is another effect drawn from social media. Banning political ads on Twitter accounts may have great consequences on prominent people in politics like Lizzie Fletcher. The reason is that people like Lizzie uses her Twitter account to grow her political position power, bearing of investing new ideas, reviewing health problem s which affects many in the current state the world is and thus banning political ads may result in a loss of enquiring updates, news, and information. Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms that impact people in power and the societies they are serving. The medial social platforms should be guided with the highest and safe means.


Lizzie Fletcher has contributed much to the Harris County district regarding politics and other community growth events in the US. Through the use of social media, it has been noted that there are consequences of not applying the platforms correctly. It is, therefore, the role of each individual to feed the true and the right information on the given social media platforms, especially those occupying leadership positions.


MIL-OSI USA. (2021). Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher votes for historic investments in Build Back Better Act. Web.

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