The Increased Hatred of Trump Supporters Towards the Police

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The article by Luke Mogelson discusses the increased hatred of Trump supporters towards the police. There has been an ongoing rivalry between the Democrats and Republicans, which could not have concerned police involvement.


It started in August when Trump’s beach mansion was investigated by F.B.I. agents who retrieved secret documents (Mogelson, 2022). In addition, at the beginning of the pandemic, when Trump supporters started rioting against quarantine and other public health measures, directing their fury at law enforcement. The following week, the discontent of law enforcement agencies increased sharply, and supporters of quarantine perceived individual employees as accomplices of the despotic order (Mogelson, 2022). Shortly after George Floyd’s murder, the Republicans turned all their rage to cops trying to destroy them. A vivid example is their revolt in D.C. next to the Capitol, which turned out to be a massive disorder. Crowds of people with knives and other weapons attempted to attack the police, who protected themselves with shields and nightsticks (Mogelson, 2022). In less than a year, Trump supporters waged war on antifascists in Portland, yet they were detained immediately (Mogelson, 2022). Such hatred is caused by the discontent of the Republicans with law enforcement policies.

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The concept of civil engagement presupposes, first of all, the active involvement of citizens in public life. Interest in general issues and dedication to the common cause are key signs of civic virtue. At the same time, it is obvious that not every political activity deserves the name “virtuous” or multiplies the well-being of the community (American government, 2016). When such an involvement turns out inconsistent with its virtuous intentions, it is vital to eradicate it. State agencies are supposed to prevent the occurrence of such cases. Nevertheless, when people go against this mediating side, for instance, as Trump supporters went against the police, it is impossible to figure out the means of civil protection. The government’s key role is to ensure the safety and well-being of the country’s citizens. Whenever societal agencies cannot control the order, law enforcement comes into play, forcing people to obey. If someone is not obedient, they face severe punishment measures set by the Constitution and other governmental documents (American government, 2016). Therefore, civil engagement should be limited to a certain degree so that everyone can participate without making drastic changes.


In conclusion, civil engagement is beneficial in the life of society since it may bring about positive changes. Yet many people decide to break the law for different purposes without realizing they can suffer the consequences. Whenever someone goes against the law, they must comprehend the potentially damaging impact. The Constitution guarantees freedom, yet the right of inviolability presumes that no individual is to be touched without their consent. It signifies that Trump supporters have violated this right and caused severe damage to the police officers who aimed to establish order. The case is an example of active civil engagement but in a negative way since it resulted in massive riots and increased rivalry between the Democrats and Republicans. In my view, Trump supporters intentionally revolted in all mentioned events to change the political order and impact the law enforcement system. On the other hand, their hatred generates more violence from the side of cops. Such opposition may result in a political game, the outcome of which could be damaging at the state level. Thus, the limitations in civil engagement are vital to eradicate any undesirable consequences.


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