Vietnam’s, Kyrgyzstan’s, and Uzbekistan’s Political Situations

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Vietnam is officially a one-party strange, following the ideology of communism. It makes the country authoritarian and deliberately deprives citizens of the right to a fair choice and vote. However, in recent years, Vietnam has attracted a lot of investment and is trying not to disappoint investors. Many high-tech companies are developing in Vietnam, where workers do not need to be highly paid for their work. The economic development of Vietnam, which partially resembles the model of the Chinese economic principle of capitalism, makes it a transitional state.

Modern Kyrgyzstan is an authoritarian regime with a clan system and an impoverished population. The government is highly corrupt, and nepotism flourishes in all branches: education, medicine, and the police. The government is currently putting pressure on businesses to pay significant taxes. At the same time, the drug business is flourishing in the country, in particular, the cultivation, use, and sale of naswar. The constitution is not a guarantor of power since every president, including Sadyr Japarov, changes it for himself and makes significant changes. It significantly reduced his level of trust among the standard population.

The Uzbek regime remains authoritative for the moment, despite the government’s attempts to develop economic cooperation. Uzbekistan wants to cooperate with all countries, including Afghanistan, by trading and attracting investments to its cities. However, the ruler is not relatively formed, and the presidential chair is transferred not by election but by the ordination of past presidents. In Uzbekistan, at the moment, the omnipotence of state security is preserved, and the courts and judges are not independent. Torture in the internal affairs bodies remains commonplace, and open expression of civic position or criticism of the authorities can still lead to jail.

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