Joe Biden’s Ideologies Analysis

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There are several principles that can be identified and considered as a combination of Joe Biden’s ideology. The opinions on Budget and Economy, Corporations, Health Care, Jobs, Social Security, Tax Reform, and Welfare and Poverty, published by On the Issue website, allow making certain conclusions about his political views and intentions (“Joe Biden on the Issues”). For example, in domestic politics, Biden aimed or still works to strengthen the fight against racial discrimination and police brutality, and lift the immigration ban that has targeted a number of Muslim-majority countries. In addition, his ideology dictates that individuals illegally brought to the United States as children should be able to stay in the country.

Joe Biden has also emphasized his willingness and intention to strengthen the US health care system, including by increasing financial resources to help the most vulnerable segments of the population, businesses and local authorities. His ideology in this sense also involves further developing health insurance. Moreover, he aims to eliminate the tax concessions provided by Donald Trump, as he believes that there should be no corporations that make billions and do not pay taxes. His overall ideology on Budget and Economy states that taxes have to be increased, spending reduced and debt cut (“Joe Biden on the Issues”). As one of his ideologies, Biden also identifies the fight against terrorism and extremism to ensure the safety and security of the US citizens. In addition, he tends to focus on the importance of decreasing unemployment rates in the country. His ideology regarding jobs dictates that individuals working on federal jobs should receive higher salaries, that working class should be valued by the government, and that discrimination at workplace has to be eliminated.

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