Changing Power from Bipartisan to Multiparty in the US

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Although many of us might perceive the national political system as refined, sometimes, it is necessary to doubt the obvious to seek improvement. Despite its reputation as a politically powerful nation, U.S. politicians have made many mistakes during the past 40 years. So many lives have been threatened or even ruined due to failed negotiations, unnecessary combat operations, warfare, and the subsequent surrender of territories due to unforeseen circumstances. The main root of these political failures may lie in the country’s flawed presidential election system (Craig, 2020). We can see that both candidates for president of the United States in the last election would have brought many problems to the country and society, so why pick one of the two when we can have more options?

One possible solution I suggest for this problem is to change the current two-party electoral system. You might have noticed that, in most cases, the parties are not fighting for the opportunity to do the best for the country. Instead, they compete for the chance to get the most votes and improve their political rating in the next election (Drutman, 2020). The overall division of the political system into Democrats, who represent liberal values, and Republicans, who represent conservative values, disrupts the nation.

While fighting for power, politicians neglect tentative social issues faced by every one of us daily, such as inequality, poverty, violence, and others. Indeed, Craig (2020) states that the clash of Democrats and Republicans threatens American liberty principles, which requires urgent action to avoid the failure of democracy. Therefore, in adopting the new system, political parties will represent a more diverse pool of opinions without bias due to the limits of the two parties. As representatives of many political parties, presidents will have a certain idea, which they will openly preach.

To conclude, American politics has remained unchanged for the last 40 years, which has jeopardized the liberty and safety of the nation. U.S. presidents invariably represent only two political parties, which must stop to ensure real democracy in the country. Changing power from bipartisan to multiparty would allow the public to choose decision-makers based on their competency and not popularity. However, this idea needs to be disseminated gradually and consistently throughout society. We should raise awareness about the inappropriateness of bipartisanship when there are more important problems in society than chasing political ambition.


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