Improving the Quality of Social Programs

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The core problem identified in the reading is the quality of social programs. Currently, many social initiatives have funding challenges, and the lack of resources is blamed for the challenges in providing the required quantity, variety, intensity, or geographic distribution of services which is an impeding factor.


According to Jansson (2019), many social programs state the need to extend their services to further locations or settings but cannot do so due to limited finances. Additionally, there are many obstacles and difficulties in project administration. In specific advocacy initiatives, challenges are attributed to organizational culture issues, talent gaps among decision-makers, supervisors, and staff members, and other factors (Jansson, 2019). Because of these obstacles, advocacy for social programs gets impeded because of its lack of flexibility in advocacy.

An empowerment-based advocacy approach will be the initial step to improving the quality of social programs through advocacy. It involves taking part in and having an influence on decision-making processes which will be through empowerment-based developing connections with social workers and clients of various systems. Similarly, the approach emphasizes clients’ viewpoints and capacities to advance problems impacting them and others.


The voice, perspective, and capacity of clients to impact a particular problem that is significant to them are all promoted via empowerment-based case advocacy. Additionally, improving the quality of social programs through advocacy will be done by opting to include systems of all sizes, including communities, organizations, and societies. For instance, a community may be the target of case advocacy, in which a social worker fights for financing for a social service organization in a particular community. Therefore, it would be prudent to include the local system in advocating for improving the quality of social services.


Jansson, B. S. (2019). Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy: Advancing Social Justice Through Eight Policy Sectors (2nd ed.). SAGE Publications, Inc.

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