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Under the United States criminal justice system, there have been cases where the police violated with impunity the Constitution and laws of the States as a matter of practice. In this case, an intervention would focus on how the courts can stop such unconstitutional police action. There have been some cases where police officers were involved in killing innocent people. One of the examples is the killing of George Floyd by a law enforcement officer (Dreyer et al., 2020). In this case, the U.S. criminal just system must be reformed to focus on practices and policies that respect the Constitution. Thus, a program based on the principles of effective intervention in criminal justice must be fair to everyone and aimed at reforming the system for better results.

Law enforcement does not have the right to routinely disregard the Constitution and violate its mandates with impunity. This is commonly done daily by law enforcement where the police target innocent African-Americans (Kamalu, 2016). As a major component of the criminal justice system, law enforcement has gone from being an occasional problem to now being the biggest problem in the system. Based on what has been happening to African-Americans in the U.S., it is worth noting that police have not been protecting citizens as its core principle. There is no need for the police throughout America to keep looking for some people to arrest to justify their job. In other words, under the current policies, the criminal justice system is left unchecked, so it will eventually destroy the entire judicial system and undo everything that once made this country great.

Law enforcement is out of control and must be reassessed and redirected within Constitutional guidelines. The ultimate goal is fundamental fairness to assure justice is achieved. Absent such changes or reforms, matters will only get worse. Therefore, the most important thing is to follow and respect the Constitution and the fundamental rights of the individual outlined in the Constitution.


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