Two-Party System and Its Limitations

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At the moment, the boundaries of traditional views and postulates, on which Republicans and Democrats habitually stood, are beginning to fade. It becomes noticeable that people are experiencing “dissatisfaction and frustration with the American political system” (Drutman, 2018). Republicans are cursing more and more to the right; they are becoming more conservative, which is incompatible with American reality.


Such an ideological approach is no longer in demand as it seemed at the turn of the 2010s, especially in large states responsible for the economic development and transit of financial flows. The Democratic Party, in turn, is acquiring more and more left-wing views, which may also not meet the interests of the poorer population. Accordingly, this system’s inability to adapt to society’s demands and the unpredictability of elections, in which the electors’ votes largely determine the outcome, is manifested. The crisis of political elites who do not want to negotiate while trying to get more financial and managerial benefits should also be noted.

The Current System

The rapidly escalating struggle between the parties may lead to the formation of a new system. In this case, there are two possible outcomes of events. In the first case, the government will become controlled by only one party due to internal political struggle and various legislative changes. Thus, this outcome will be much worse for the country, as it will change the political balance of power.


Consequently, the interests of citizens may take a back seat, which will aggravate the situation of the country. The second outcome may be related to the desire of the population to find alternative ways to solve the problem and turn to third parties (Drutman, 2018). Such an outcome may have a positive effect on the political arena, as competition will increase. Less influential parties will have the opportunity to get their chance by pursuing policies that reflect the current interests of the country’s residents.


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