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The general system of public administration includes two primary aspects: political and administrative. There is a clear relationship between public administration and policy, in relation to which two diametrically opposed approaches are practiced. Public administration is theoretically considered a politically neutral body. This means that public administration obeys and implements the current government’s policies. Despite this, there are different approaches that describe the impact of governance on policy.

One of the approaches is aimed at minimizing the political component of public administration. According to the supporters of this approach, public administration should be abstracted from political ambitions and ideals and carried out in accordance with the principles of equality, objectivity, and political neutrality (Public policy vs. public administration, 2020). This approach is based on the recognition of market freedom and the importance of economic regulation methods. From the point of view of the second approach, public administration acts as a practical embodiment of public policy formed by the highest government bodies. This approach recognizes the need to develop a centralized system of government and strengthen administrative measures to influence society.

Based on mentioned approaches, it can be stated that not only public administration, directly or indirectly, can affect the policy-making process. It can be achieved through the process of realizing the political plans. Such a method includes adapting and correcting the political plans according to the ideological needs of the public. Additionally, lobbying and interest groups can be mentioned as the results of the impact of the public administration on the policy. Public administration, as the governmental instrument, strives to ensure that the effect of the accepted policies on society is positive. As a result, the implementation of policy is achieved through the ideological prism of the public administration. Such an approach brings the ideological changes to the policy itself.


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