Voting: Benefits, Prejudice, and Biases

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The faith in truthful voting has faded among the people of the modern world. Individuals do not believe in the fairness of the vote and, therefore, opt for doing nothing rather than trying to solve severe problems in their communities. The Gazette Editorial Board (2021) discusses the benefits of voting for improving the wellbeing of the residents. As a matter of fact, this editorial is based on a conservative approach concerning this topic as the Gazette Editorial Board (2021) portrays the significant benefits that individuals might acquire, providing they vote for their interests and beliefs today. Besides, this piece offers readers a summary of recommendations for ensuring the adequateness of voting. To sum up, I agree with this editorial as voting indeed can make a significant difference if people choose to unite and tackle their issues together.

Still, most people may not be persuaded to forget about their prejudice and biases towards the whole voting procedure. That is why the State News Editorial Board (2021) argues the residents’ opinions that share skeptical comments regarding the disadvantages of this entire process. Actually, it seems that the State News Editorial Board (2021) opts for employing liberal ideas in this editorial since it includes the disadvantages that can be averted if the community chooses to participate in the voting procedure. Furthermore, it explains that change may not always come to the person, but it can improve the lives of others, and I believe that this position is also correct. By and whole, voting is a significant aspect of posing advantageous changes in modern society and; thus, people should not avoid participating in enhancing their wellbeing.


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